0709-029-000 Mon-Sat (8am-6pm), Sun (8am-5pm)
0709-029-000 Mon-Sat (8am-6pm), Sun (8am-5pm)

Our advantages

  • Profitable

    Simple and quick solution at the tip of your fingers

    • Apply anywhere you are
    • Only one document is needed
  • Reliable

    LendPlus is responsible direct lender with a new approach

    • We guarantee confidentiality and protection of your data
    • We are looking for solutions in difficult situations
  • Simple

    Simple and quick solution without leaving home in just 15 minutes

    • We transfer money instatly to your account
    • We give the opportunity to prolong the loan period

How to borrow money

  • 1
    Leave a request on app
    You can leave a request by filling out the form
  • 2
    Wait for the decision
    The decision is made in just 15 minutes
  • 3
    Receive money
    The transaction usually takes just 1 minute

Customer reviews

I do delivery services around Nairobi. I started with delivering small stuff and it wasn’t easy for me due to high cost of fuel. But there comes a time as I was scrolling the internet, I got to know about an online lending application called LendPlus. Within a few minutes of applying, I received the amount I needed to salvage my business. Looking forward to continue partnering with them in this financial journey!
I started by general shop in 2019. When I did, I had few challenges but since I joined LendPlus my life has changed and I’m able to manage my business better. I use my loans to buy new stock when I have a shortage, I’m now at the loan limit of 30000 and my business is growing 3 times now since I started. Thank you so much LendPlus for your input in my business.
I come from a large family. It pushed me to want to be independent and be able to provide for myself. I opened a small kiosk, but it was on the brink of failure and I didn’t have any more money to invest in the business. One day I came across an online lending app LendPlus and decided to ask them for help and they saved my business! Now my business is up and running and I continue to use LendPlus!
Mama Sam
Harsh economic times led me to look for a business opportunity as one income from my husband was not enough to raise my family. I had previously saved small money, I sort from friends and relatives but still it was not enough. That is when a friend of mine recommended me to use LendPlus app. After applying they approved and helped me start my banana business. Ever since I have been using LendPlus app whenever I am low on cash or want to add on stock!